Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Animals of Brazil

WALT: Complex sentences
Animals of Brazil Key: Simple sentences, Compound sentences and complex sentences

Brazil there are many native Animals, here are some you will learn about. In Brazil there are jaguars. Unlike many cats, jaguars do NOT avoid water. [In fact they are quite good swimmers.] Also the rivers hold their prey such as, fish, turtles and alligators like animals. Jaguars also eat large animals such as deer, tapir and much more bigger animals. Did you know that Brazil has a Finger Monkey? The Finger Monkey eats the most strangest thing, they eat butterflies they will eat any kind of butterfly it doesn’t matter [at least they get to eat]. Did you know that the Finger Monkey is the world's smallest monkey known to man? Finger Monkeys are not endangered but they are somewhat threatened. If you're a dog and a fox lover this is the dog for you. Brazil has a long legged dog with a fox head it might sound ugly but it is so beautiful. Wildlife experts has classified they are being near threatened species. Theses animals are not dangerous to humans, they have a skittish nature. In conclusion, what was your favorite animal is it the jaguar, or is it the Finger Monkey or was it the fog [AKA Fox Dog]? `

 For the last few weeks all of Te Ngahere has been working on report writing. We started by choosing one country we would write about. Then we had to choose three subtopics to go with it. Our Teachers set us up with some subtopics.

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