Tuesday, September 12, 2017

National Pancake Day

n Te Ngahere we were working on Celebrations in inquiry. We got to choose three people to be in our group. My group was, Alexi, Thomas and I. we also had to pick a country and a celebration we picked Italy and National Pancake day. In the end we got to make homemade Italian pancakes


  1. Hi Lucy
    I'm Yana from Grey Main School.
    Your post is really interesting. Well done . I never knew Italy had a pancake day.Did you make Italian pancakes for your class?
    Hope to hear From you soon!

    1. Hi Yana thanks for commenting on my slide show. and yes I did make Italian pancakes for the class thanks for asking. I didn't know that they had pancake day either.

  2. HI Lucy
    My name is Javeylor and i'm from Panmure Bridge School.
    I really like your post about Italy.Your presantation sounds very interesting.I like how you made a side show of your learning.I never knew that Italy could had a pancake day.I think you have made a great job on your side show but you need to make your font big so we could see it.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Lucy
    My name is Paris and I'm from Kawakawa primmary school.
    I really love your post about Italy and your presentation is quiet amazing. I liked the slide you made of your learning. I have never known that Italy had a pancake day but it's also cool that you made the lettering really big so everyone can read it.
    Anyways keep up your great work