Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Writing Goals

Last week, in Te Ngahere we made google drawings for our writing goals. We were learning to identify our next learning goals in writing. The first thing that we did was to copy what we had not learnt yet. I need to learn Adjectives, Ellipses, Similis, Adverbes, I am on R5 my Ideas are organised in a basic paragraph. I need to learn how to focus on one idea in a paragraph. I am on complex sentences too.


  1. Hi Lucy my name is Ofa and I attend Panmure Bridge School. You have some really awesome goals for writing. I think at the end of the year you are going to be good at all your goals. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hi Ofa thanks for commenting on my writing goals. I think your right I might complete my goals you might do the same.