Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Visual Mihi

Last week in Te Ngahere we were trying to learn our morning mihi. Then we got told to get some pictures on a google drawing about the mihi to help us to remember what to say with images. I chose the images I got because the images help me what to say when I do the mihi. The images help me by whenever I may get stuck I can look at my images and straight away know I need to say this next. The visual mihi helps me because my images are really clear and memorable and they are always there for me.


  1. Hi Lucy,
    My name is Savelina from Panmure Bridge School. Maori is a big part of New Zealand as a country. I love how you are learning a lot about the language of this beautiful country. The images also help me as a student because it makes me understand more about what I am learning.

  2. Hey Lucy
    My name is Paris from Kawakawa primary school. Maori is a humongous part of New Zealand as a country. I enjoy seeing you have learnt alot about the language but have you been learning about the culture as well? Because I love learning about our culture and our own unique language.