Thursday, July 6, 2017

Matariki Day at Paihia School

Last week on Thursday it was Matariki day. We had the choice to either go down to the beach and watch the stars at 6.00 am, Most kids did that but I didn’t. We had a man who came and did some games with us. Taunaha asked some kids to come do some planting, she said we could have buddies, my buddy was my best friend Alexis. The first plant we planted was a Manuka, I think the next plant we planted was Nikao. After we did a couple of hours of playing and planting we had a huge shared lunch. The whole school was so full, but my class was still eating, after lunch the inquiry groups that had to cook were cooking, and we got to eat them all [they were so yummy]. My group made pancakes, another group made waffles and a another group made donuts. Matariki day was so fun.

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