Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Remember

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I was learning to notice and use someone else's  piece of writing as an exemplar.

Success criteria what you were doing, something that was happening, something you did, why you did it, finish with that was summer or something similar make your writing descriptive- interesting words, verbs and adjectives.

I think I did well on my direction and maybe I could work on putting  similes and alliteration in my story.

Tuesday 7th February

I Remember . . .

Seeing the glistening water,
Making awesome sandcastles,
Seeing people sunbathing in the hot hot sun,
I slither into my togs,  
I dive in the water, it was freezing, “dd rrrrrrrr”  
I was eating yummy sweet refreshing jam sandwiches, “yum yum”.
Going boogie boarding with my daddy,
it was a relief after I cooled down.
I was freaking out that Crabs were going to snip my toes off,
I love my toes.
That was my Summer.

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